Perfect Killer, the 2005 Thriller from Lewis Perdue

PERFECT KILLER: No fear. No Conscience. No Mistakes. Forge/Tor-2005

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By Lewis Perdue
Forge 2005

"Brilliance that only Perdue could master… He weaves a conspiracy so eerily relevant to current events and probes the ethics of hyper- advanced technology, engaging the reader in the possibility where the innocence of humanity and free will are erased."
-- Mark Burnett, Emmy Award-winning producer of Survivor, The Contender, Eco-Challenge

"Once again, Lewis Perdue has crafted a richly textured, troubling, and literate thriller that is engaging on every level. I feel especially close to this fine novel because it is set in the Misissippi Delta of my birth, and what can I say?-- I feel like I know these people. In fact, I do know them, and the landscape they inhabit. Don't miss this one."
-- Lewis Nordan, prize-winning Southern author of The Sharpshooter Blues, Wolf Whistle, Sugar Among the Freaks

"Merciless has more surprises and plot twists than an Alpine road. Once again Perdue comes through again with a credible plot that makes us wonder whether this is a thriller or a documentary. "
-- Craig Dirgo, co-author (with Clive Cussler) of Sea Hunter, Golden Buddha, Sacred Stone and author of The Einstein Papers.

"Totally enthralling! A book you can't stop reading. A keeper."
-- Harriet Klausner, Amazon.Com's #1 reviewer

"This is a fascinating book, a psychological thriller that explores the moral conflicts posed by the U.S. military's efforts to develop a "brave pill" to turn their soldiers into more efficient killers. Lewis Perdue has written a book that deserves wide attention, not only for its literary excellence, but for the important ethical questions it raises for today's soldier. The book well deserves to be in the running for one of the best books of the year.
-- Richard A. Gabriel, Professor at the U. S. Army War College, author of 26 books, former fellow at The Brookings Institution, Hebrew University, the U.S. Army Intelligence School, the Center for the Study of Intelligence at the CIA, and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

"Lewis Perdue is a master craftsman of the modern thriller in the grand tradition of Robert Ludlum and Frederick Forsythe. Breakneck plotting, sudden violence, and descriptions so vivid, you'll be checking yourself for shrapnel. Take a deep breath, strap yourself in, and prepare yourself for a wild ride!"
-- Lee Goldberg, Executive Producer, Diagnosis Murder and author of the Diagnosis Murder mystery book series.

"In Perfect Killer, Lewis Perdue has written a smart, entertaining, and fast-paced thriller. The story is provocative too -- dealing with race, racism, military practices, politics, and even string theory. Perdue reminds us that the past continues to influence the present in scary and often heartbreaking ways."
-- Lisa See, author of Dragon Bones, Flower Net , The Interior

"Pure Perdue: Non-stop action from Page One and a plot that doesn't let up. You'd better keep a box of band-aids'll be turning pages so fast, you'll end up with papercuts."
-- Lee Goldberg, Executive Producer, Diagnosis Murder and author of the Diagnosis Murder mystery book series.

Perdue pens a killer tale as he takes readers on a high-velocity ride through the world of cutting-edge science—a world where "no fear" means "no conscience." Could the unthinkable have already happened? Read PERFECT KILLER and wonder!
-- Twist Phelan, critically acclaimed author of Heir Apparent and Family Claims


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